LYF Juice Bar

Drink the LYF like a glass of juice!

The LYF Juice Bar, at UAE, is your perfect destination for a fresh, healthy, rejuvenating glass of a juice or a protein shake. Our juices and protein shakes are made from 100% natural and healthy ingredients.

The visually pleasing interiors and the blissful ambience adds up to the tang of the drinks. Founded by the Lavender restaurant, the beverages at the LYF juice bar are just what you need to beat the heat of summers!

Our menu at LYF juice bar has extended its products list to an exceptionally delicious collection of desserts. Besides the fresh juices and protein shakes, we serve you with an exquisite cart of desserts such as ice creams and frozen yoghurts.

Our bestselling desserts dazzle the consumers with their splendid flavours. We follow best practices and quality standards to manufacture and package our products.

For inquiries kindly contact Kurt Peries 0565777513