Catering Service

Culinary experiences that exceed guest expectations!

Our outdoor catering service suffices the appetites of a multitude of individuals based in UAE. The bulk meal orders placed by both local government entities and the private organizations are served as per their requirements. The meals are cooked fresh and delivered to the clients’ locations without delay.

We cater nutritious, customized meals to our consumers in the form of home deliveries too. The food is prepared as per the consumers’ taste and demands and recommended best practices and quality standards.

You can relish the exquisite flavours of the much celebrated, exotic Arabic food. Our specialties include the delicacies of Arabic style caterings customized to suit your choice of taste. A tremendous variety of dishes is compiled in a menu, comprising salads, sandwiches, main dishes, desserts, and cakes, to satisfy your flair for delicious food.

For all your catering requirements please contact Kurt Peries 0565777513
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